Tollgate Teashop’s origins date back to the early 19th century. Built as a turnpike in 1818 for the Lambridge (near Bath), to Cirencester Turnpike Trust Road, its purpose was to provide a more secure means by which tolls could be collected than by it’s predecessor which was literally a gate. The road layout has changed over the years and the original gate was situated at the junction of Sands Hill and Middledown Lane. From the early 19th century it was called Woefield Corner.


The Cirencester to Lambridge Trust was formed in 1743 and was disbanded in approximately 1865. There was much opposition to these turnpikes and public pressure lead to their demise.

The building was originally on land owned by Dyrham Park Estate, which is now a National Trust property. After the Turnpike Trust disbanded it was used as accommodation for farm labourers. About 1930 a couple named Morgan rented the property and saw an opportunity to start a business. Mrs Morgan ran a bed and breakfast and cafe business, even though at that time water came from a well and there was no electricity. This was locally known as Ham & Egges.

Old 2

The building has been greatly extended over the years with first a kitchen at the rear of the property, then two extra bedrooms were built at the back cantilevered over the kitchen. After the current owners took over in 1980 various improvements have been made including living accommodation to the side and conservatory. Mains electricity was finally installed in October 1999, until this time all electricity has been provided by a generator on site.